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Mining-Jobs.US provides a single source for jobs in the US and across the globe in the mining and minerals processing industries. We deliver career opportunities in all mining related disciplines including Operations Management, Mine Planning, Project Engineering, Quality Control, Safety, Sales and Business Development and more.

Mining-Jobs.US is part of the Mining Job Source network of mining industry job boards. The most complete online tool for locating both new careers and qualified professionals within the mining and minerals processing industries. Mining Job Source serves every segment of the mining industry in every corner of the globe.

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Recent Job Postings:

Job Title Company Location Date Posted
Maintenance Manager - Manager Repair Center MRC Corp chandler, AZ | United States 4/15/2014
Manager Power Generation MRC Corp Mexico 4/15/2014
Maintenance Manager - Processing MRC Corp Mexico 4/15/2014
Mine Superintendent – Surface Silica Quarry – Eastern US Resource Erectors PA | United States 4/13/2014
Mining Manager OceanaGold Corporation Didipio | Philippines 4/13/2014
Electrician OceanaGold Corporation Melbourne | New Zealand 4/13/2014
Environmental Officer OceanaGold Corporation Melbourne | New Zealand 4/13/2014
Accounts Assistant OceanaGold Corporation Dunedin | New Zealand 4/13/2014
Safety Supervisor Resource Erectors WI | United States 4/13/2014
Plant Manager - Underground Aggregates Resource Erectors MO | United States 4/13/2014

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